It officially started nineteen years ago by enrolling in Academy of Art and Design. Back in 1995 I started a chapter in my life which I’ve been on ever since, the chapter which directly influences my opinions and personal attitudes.

Creative development in my case started while playing child-like games, popular “paper dolls”, and later on playing with legendary Barbie dolls.

That was the game which I didn’t want to end. That game is the cause of my life resolution, not to let myself get old and become a part of “grown-ups’ ” world.

It is possible to become mature and at the same time stay “intact’’, and to keep youthful spirit and a wish to embellish the world around yourself, to make a change for better with every new creation.

Within five years of statuary study I stayed committed to original wish that “games never stop”, and at the same time I continued painting.

That was the period when painting cycle originated by the name “In my bathroom“, and for the first time as a student I got a prestigious painting award in Nice, France.

Borders are being moved. I’ve come to a conclusion that my creative ideas can be realized in a variety of media regardless of the fact that I am a sculptor. Art gave me boardless freedom. Creative work can only be a synonym for freedom.

Working in Culture Centre of Krusevac initiated my Master study on The Academy of Art (Creating an image in Art and Media- Master studies – Drama and Audiovisual Art ), study which enriched me with creative articulication.

Right after the exhibition, a concept named „DNA“ took place. Show was made of: photography, film, echarpes with painted motifs from cycle „The Day when Gods came down“. Borders were brought down this time, and I managed to present myself to public through three totally different media.

Statuary, painting, photography, fashion design, digital media, acting, writing – art discipline which I have by now expressed in my creative inspiration. Impresive! I can be whatever I wish to be, at the same time expressing my disagreement with the community or my approval of the surrounding which I live in.

Beauty will save this world!

Fyodor M. Dostojevski